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with a dash of mystery

For us, prepared food is not an option. And we do not make exceptions on the matter. Everything we serve is carefully pondered, planned, and executed.

The best breezes from Saimaa - both from the land and the sea.

With strong professionalism and a big heart, Restaurant Sumu offers delicious food that is handcrafted from the start to the plate in the midst of a relaxed atmosphere in Lappeenranta.

Sumu’s culinary voyage includes classic Scandinavian flavors that are twisted and turned with a modern and bold touch.

we focus on creating a perfect taste sensation for you.

For Sumu, half or fully prepared food is not an option, and we do not make exceptions on the matter. Everything we serve is carefully pondered, planned, and executed to create a perfect taste sensation for you at our restaurant. The cherry on the top comes from Sumu’s diverse wine selection, which includes unique wines you will not find anywhere else in Lappeenranta.

Ravintola Sumu tarjoaa fine dining elämyksen Lappeenrannassa natural viinien kanssa

“Every year the weather is different, and so are the wines. We work together with wineries that produce wines naturally and do not add any chemicals that can, for example, alter the flavor so it taste same year after year. 

The wineries we choose to work with are small artisan farms. We only accept wines to our collection that are made as organically as possible. For us, it is important that the wine highlights not only the characteristics of its grape but also all the potential that the entire growing environment, known as terroir, offers. In other words, we want to embrace the taste of the entire terroir of the wine, bottled directly from the vineyard and transported to our table.

We visit each vineyard of our selection. We get to know their vineyards and learn about the vines and soil of the farm. We taste the wines ourselves with producers in the cellars – not only the already bottled wines but also the new wines coming straight from the barrels.”

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